Government agrees to pay back Shaduka’s stolen money

The Namibian government through the ministry of Safety and Security have agreed to pay back murder convict Lazarus Shaduka's money at the amount of N.dollars 208 000 which was looted by a prison officer in May 2018.

Media reported last year in May that, a prison officer Sakaria Joel Fikameni has been withdrawing money from Shaduka's Standard Bank account at various Automatic Teller Machines without his concern until it reached the amount of N.dollars 208 000.

The parties made an outside court settlement that was made publicly as they were about to go to court on Wednesday in the Windhoek High Court.

Court ordered the Ministry of Safety and Security to pay ShadukaN.dollars 185 000 within 90 working days plus a 50 per cent of the legal cost amounting N.dollars 8 625 until the full and final settlement amount is settled.

The court also ordered that should government fail to pay an amount on the agreed date, Shaduka has the right to approach court again to demand government to pay him within seven working days.

Commissioner General of the Namibian Correctional Service Raphael Hamunyela signed the settlement agreement on behalf of the government and the Ministry of Safety and Security and Shaduka penned the document himself.

Shaduka is serving a 20-year prison term for killing his wife, Selma Mirjamya Leopold Shaimemanya, in 2008, discovered the incident when his daughter went to the bank but was told by bankers that there had been several transactions on her father's account.

It is alleged that prison officers Sakaria Joel Fikameni and Victor Wilhelm worked together with an inmate SaleksDitshabue who was pushing Shaduka's wheelchair to the bank to acquire a card and it is suspected that Ditshabue saw the pin number and gave it the officers.

Source: Namibia Press Agency