Government distances itself from the plastic levy

Government has distanced itself from the plastic levy that is currently being charged by some retail shops, saying the proposed levy is not gazetted yet. Some retailers are charging customers N.dollars 0.50 per plastic bag.

A media statement issued Wednesday by the Ministry of Finance said the ministry is aware of various retailers that are charging their customers for plastic bags, noting that the money customers pay for the plastic bags forms part of the individual businesses' incomes.

It said although the ministry welcomes the initiatives by business outlets to curb the pollution of the environment, we wish to inform the nation that the money that is currently being charged by retailers is not yet part of the plastic levy that government has proposed as the levy has not yet been gazetted.

The statement however noted that an exception is made for PupkewitzMegabuild and its subsidiary, KaapAgri Namibia, which voluntarily introduced the Break-Free-from-Plastic Campaign charging N.dollars 0.50 per plastic carrier since December 2018, saying the quarterly proceeds handed over totalledN.dollars 60 000 to the Environmental Investment Fund (EIF) so far.

Source: Namibia Press Agency