Government Houses at Tses in State of Disrepair

WHILE government experiences a national housing backlog, State-owned houses that were allegedly vacated almost a decade ago at Tses village in the south have gradually fallen into disrepair.

It would require great efforts and funds from government to restore and make a total number of three dilapidated houses counted by The Namibian habitable again.

Some Tses residents to whom The Namibian spoke, said homeless locals have approached the Karas regional directorate of works and transport, in order to buy and make the houses habitable for themselves.

However, according to a resident, who preferred to remain anonymous, nothing has come from their proposal.

The Karas works and transport regional head, #Khagu Hoeseb, yesterday admitted that the village council has expressed interest in buying the houses.

“They (Tses Village Council) applied to buy (the dilapidated structures), but since the ministry of works permanent secretary is dealing with the application, I do not know what has happened to it,” Hoeseb explained.

He also said his directorate has applied to the National Treasury’s approval to demolish the houses, but is still waiting for a response.

Hoeseb said two of the three houses are not suitable for habitation since they were built with pre-fabricated “asbestos” structures.

He could not say when the application was submitted.

Because of the health risk the asbestos poses, Hoeseb said the directorate has resolved to demolish the houses.

“The houses are beyond repair,” he added.

Hoeseb also rejected as untrue claims that the houses were unused for almost a decade.

Figures released in 2013, which are contained in the summary of blueprint on mass housing development, reveal that the national housing backlog is estimated at around 100 000 houses, a number which is growing at an annual rate of about 3 700 units.

Source : The Namibian