Government schools urged to perform minor renovations

Executive Director of Ministry of Education Arts and Culture (MEAC), Sanet Steenkamp has said that government school needs to take responsibility for minor renovations at schools and hostels to ensure that leaking taps are replaced or fixed.

Speaking to Nampa on Thursday, Steenkamp said that the ministry does not currently have a structure of handyman for schools and hostels and minor renovations including fixing of leaking taps will help reduce high water bills of the ministry.

There are some schools that make provision of a toolbox when they do appointments for laborers, cleaners. All regional directors are encouraged to make sure that measures are put in place to reduce water wastage so that there are not any leaking taps, she said.

Steenkamp added that with a decentralised function, the Ministry of Works, Department of Maintenance has been task through all regional councils to assist with minor renovations at schools and school hostels but the ministry of MEAC has to be responsible for it minor renovations.

The issue of leaking taps will cost a lot of water wastage and if not addressed promptly will keep on increase water bills of the ministry.

The ideal thing is that every person at the school and at hostels should make sure that if they see a leaking tap it is fixed. They need to be on alert for leaking taps that is the only way we can reduce increasing water bills of schools and hostels, she said.

She added that the ministry is aware of few schools that have put measures in place in Windhoek to deal with the issues of leaking taps at schools and hostels and more.

Last week the about 11 Windhoek schools water and electricity was cut off due to non-payment.

In addressing the outstanding arrears and amount of N.dollars 26.4 million was paid to the City of Windhoek between the periods of 28 January 2020 and 12 February 2020. These effected payments will see the immediate reconnection of services at all affected schools as per the agreement reached with the City of Windhoek.

Source: Namibia Press Agency