Government spent N.dollars 131 million on drought relief since June

Government has thus far spent a total amount of N.dollars 131 million towards drought relief expenses, Prime Minister Saara Kugongelwa-Amadhila has revealed.

Speaking during a consultative meeting with regional governors and chief regional officers here on Wednesday, Kugongelwa-Amadhila said a total of 172 938 household qualify for the drought relief programme which gives food parcels and fodder to farmers per month.

She said when the programme started in June 2019, N.dollars 572.7 million was initially budged to cater for estimated 42 000 household according to the vulnerability assessment, however due to an increased number of beneficiaries of 172 938 households the budget allocation increased to N.dollars 595.2 million.

About 908 018 individual persons are covered under this increased figure of qualifying household. While the relief is targeted to those who meet the criteria, where households do not fall within the criteria, but their food security is under threat, it is the responsibility of the authorities at regional level to register such households and ensure they are supported, she noted.

Giving the breakdown of the spending's the Prime Minister said N.dollars 57.9 million was spent on food provision, while N.dollars 18.9 million on logistics, water provision cost N.dollars 37.5 million and livestock support cost 16.6 million.

She further announced that donation received in cash and in-kind from private individuals, corporates entities and international organisations as well as foreign governments amounts to over N.dollars 129 million.

The National Assembly extended the period of the emergency for six months which will lapse on 05 October 2019, however this afternoon I will table a motivational in the National Assembly to extend the period by a further six months to 05 March 2020, she said.

Kuugongelwa-Amadhila further called on all Namibians and development partners to continue to assist the government in any way possible in order to continue to provide assistance to our people who are affected this drought.

Source: Namibia Press Agency