Grade 10 part-time learners should complete Grade 12 part-time as well: Steenkamp

The Ministry of Education, Art and Culture (MEAC) on Saturday issued a directive that all learners who completed their Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC) grade 10 part-time in 2019 must continue with their part-time studies and complete grade 12.

The directive which was issued by MEAC Executive Director, Sanet Steenkamp said such part-time studies must be done over the next two years before the old curriculum is completely phased out.

'Learners who were successful in improving their JSC results in 2019 will not be able to return to full-time schooling for grade 11 as their still part of the old curriculum which has been phased out and hence is not offered at school as a full-time course,' she said.

Steenkamp noted that any learner who completed part-time grade 10 will not be admitted to return to school as full-time enrolled learners for grade 11 in 2020. 'More so such learners will not be allowed to change into the revised senior secondary curriculum offered full-time at schools,' she cited.

The executive director empahsised that there are more advantages to learners in completing the secondary education with the curriculum which a learner started with.

'This way continuity of the spiral of building content knowledge in the respective subjects is not interrupted leading to a successful completion,' said Steenkamp.

The revised or the new curriculum was in 2017 introduced in grade 8 and in 2018 in grade 9, thus 2018 was the last year that the old curriculum was taught at school for full-time candidates.

In 2019 was the first year that the revised curriculum was taught in school meaning those candidates who sat for grade 10 part-time examination in 2019 on the old curriculum are still part of the cohort of learners who follow the old curriculum leading to the JSC.

Source: Namibia Press Agency