Groot Aub Youth Learn Business Plan Formulation

The Chairman of the Groot-Aub Community Development Organisation, Ellioth Edwin van Wyk says the lack of skills, knowledge and information mostly among the youth here on issues of development motivated the three-day workshop on formulating a business plan which the Hans Seidel Foundation hosted here last week.

“We look at what we are facing in the community and what causes it and how best can we address it. We asked ourselves what have we done in the community, how best was it implemented and what were the challenges,” says van Wyk.

“What the HSF did for us is something big and we will make use of what they have planted in us,” he adds. Thirty-three-year-old old Wilma Eises says “it is an honor for us to have this workshop here because we do not have that information on how to come up with a proposal, and most of us do not have information on the environment awareness. So this workshop really means a lot to us as the youth. We are thankful to the HSF for their assistance and I am sure most of us are going to make use of what we have learned in this workshop,” says Eises.

Michael Mouton, a Consultant/Facilitator from the HSF says it was a good idea that the youth of Groot-Aub came up with and he is happy to have helped them. “We do not expect everyone to make use of what they have learned here but I am sure ten or more will put it to work,” says Mouton.

The Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) had a three day workshop for the youth of Groot-Aub on how to set up a business proposal at the Multi-Purpose Community Centre. The workshop looked at how to come up with a small business proposal. HSF provided them with the idea on how to formulate a proposal, the relevance of it and environment awareness.