Hairareb trailer’s premiere a sold-out

WINDHOEK-Movie lovers were treated to a trailer of Hairareb, which was aired on Friday at the Grove Mall to a sold out premier. This happened just before the screening of the Fantasy/Romance ''What Men Want'' directed by Adam Shankmand.

This would have been a perfect way for the gents to take their ladies out so that they could be schooled on what men really want. Hairareb is a Damara/Nama term, which in the past was used to describe a person collecting gum oozing from the Gumtree. In the movie, according to award-winning director Oshoveli Shipoh, Hairareb means a ''Warrior''. The cinema was packed to a point where people were shifted from cinema one to cinema five. In attendance was Steff Skrywer who was over the moon, ''The trailer was amazing, thrilling and truly a Namibian story'', she exclaimed. She further said that she has always been a fan of the movies. '' Hairareb is a childhood tale, kind that elders used to narrate around bonfires, I am pleased that its production took place as it's based on a true story even though elders told us it's a tale', said Skrywer.

The team did a wonderful job in putting the Hairareb trailer together. Another moviegoer said that he loved the trailer, but no local languages were used, ''It's a beautiful story that we were told when we were young, that we also used to hear on radio, it has officially been brought to life but where are the local languages to truly portray a Namibian feel? he stressed. Director Oshoveli Shipoh highlighted that there are phrases of the Damara/Nama language being used here and there, ''Damara//Nama was used in the movie, but the trailer did not have any'', he said. ''The public will mostly hear Damara/Nama in the movie once it is released, he assured. Most moviegoers said that the trailer increased their hype and cannot wait to see that actual movie.

The movie was filmed in Otjimbingwe and Okarundu over more than two weeks. The cast includes Hazel Hinda, who plays Moira, Claudine De Groot plays !Ininis, David Ndjavera plays Hairareb, Bianca Heyns as Nurse Yvonne, Namibia Hip-Hop artist and lyrical giant Kadeen ''KK'' Kaoseb who plays !Nauseb and many others.

According to Shipoh, no date has yet been set for the official release of the Hairareb but it will be expected to be released this May.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia