Harass a worker, harass the economy: Muniaro

Secretary General of the National Union of Namibian Workers, Job Muniaro said, Namibia is as country full of frustrated workers because they are harassed on daily a basis and it is bad for the economy.

Muniaro made these remarks on Thursday, during the launch of a report on Violence and Harassment in the World of Work in Namibia which took place at a local hotel in Windhoek.

Muniaro said, most workers in Namibia are frustrated because they are experiencing violence and harassment at their work places every day and it is hampering production in some companies, which is bad for the economy, but little is done to address the issue and avoid it from happening in the future.

This country is full of frustrated workers, people are being harassed every day, but what you don't release is that, when you harass a worker then you are also harassing the economy, because a frustrated worker will not be productive and this will hamper the company's performance in revenue and other aspects, said Muniaro.

He added that discrimination is everywhere in every sector, and it is mostly affecting lower ranked employees who are being exploited by those making lots of money at the expense of workers. Because some are asked to pay a certain fee or sleep with someone for them to secure employments, and the law needs to protect workers at any cost.

We need to appreciate workers and stop harassing them, we need to protect them at any cost. If it requires us to change the constitution then let's do that, if the labour law has to change in order to protect our workers then let's do it, we can't continue like this, expressed Muniaro.

Trade Union Congress of Namibia Secretary General Mahongora Kavihuha who also spoke at the same event said, the judiciary system in the country is failing workers, because labour cases are being dismissed from courts without valid reasons, and it is allowing those abusing workers to get away without any sort of punishment, and they just continue exploiting workers.

Source: Namibia Press Agency