Hardap to celebrate Heritage Week in Mariental

Hardap region will celebrate the Namibian Heritage Week in Mariental from 16-22 September under the theme Namibiab |o|gauba sao' a Nama word meaning follow the Namibian Beat.

Speaking to Nampa on Saturday, Cultural Officer at Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Brumilda Gertze said the purpose of the activity is to make learners and the community aware of the importance of culture.

It is actually a week where we want the community and more specifically the learners to know what culture is and to acquaint themselves with different cultures that are practiced in the country and to know our rich cultural heritage, she said.

Gertze said the objective is to encourage learners to discover, appreciate, promote and preserve the tangible and intangible heritage of Namibia.

We want the learners to have pride in their culture, practice and widen the scope of understanding our own cultures and heritage of those of others. We want them to cultivate a culture of reading and gain knowledge of culture through research on a specific topic, Gertze noted.

High Schools in Aranos, Gibeon, Mariental and Rehoboth in a public speaking competition where they will do research on the theme and present it on PowerPoint, while the primary schools will take part in the traditional game's competition, arts and cultural expo as well as the cultural festival.

Activities are traditional initiation of a girl, poetry competition, traditional cuisine competition and creative design competition.

Activities will start on Monday with the public speaking competition and end on Friday with a cultural festival.

Gertze urged residents of Hardap to be part of the event and witness the diverse culture of Hardap region

Source: Namibia Press Agency