‘Heal Our Land’ concert delivers stellar performances

Artists at The Heal Our Land Concert deliver stellar performance with a live band which kept the audience on their feet, singing and jumping with joy for the entire duration of the concert.

The concert was held here on Saturday at the Zoo Park's Amphitheatre where a sold out crowd together to enjoy live gospel music from the big guns in the local and international gospel circles.

Namibian's own award-winning energetic songstress Manda Gabriel headline the concert and recording her DVD named 'The Heal Our Land' which will be made available soon, according to her.

Gabriel noted 'I am happy and satisfied for today and I thank God,'

The was never a dull moment as the artists, the live band, backup singers brought their A-game to the concert and send the audience on a spiritual rollercoaster from praying to worshipping.

The local artists who graced the stage are D-Naff, AbnerMumbala, Sovita Joshua, Pride Vuuyo Johnson, Jux Adolf, Esme, Dee A and Franklin amongst others.

The South African award winning artist ZazaMokheti and DumiMkokstad did not fail to live up to the standard set before them by the local artist who performed prior to them.

The audience welcomed Zaza and Dumi with favourite songs from the artist to the stage which enticed them to return to the country with a concert of their own in the near future.

Dumi who is in the country for his second visit said that he was overwhelmed by the love and appreciation that Namibians showed him.

'I thank everyone that came we really appreciate them and thank them, I hope and I've been praying to come and have my own show as well as bring a few artists from South African and have artists from here too,' said Dumi.

Zaza shared similar sentiments saying that she too is looking forward to return with a show of her own and encourage gospel musicians to work hard.

'I can see that gospel in Namibia can do great, it is promising and the soul is fertile so gospel artists in Namibia get up and work give the people what they want,' said Zaza.

Source: Namibia Press Agency