‘Healers’ denied bail

Windhoek-Two Ugandans believed to be traditional healers who were arrested in Khomasdal were denied bail when they appeared in court on Monday.

Twenty-nine-year-old Jackie Ssematimba and Geofrey Mugwari, 28, made their first appearance in court before magistrate Celma Amdhila following their arrest last week.

The pair each face a charge of being illegally in Namibia, in contravention of the Immigration Act of 1993, although having been initially arrested for working in Namibia without work permits, as well as for contravening the health act by administering medicine and injecting people without authorisation.

The accused were allegedly involved in conducting a business that offers clients services that ranged from solving financial problems to job promotion, and solving court cases, fertility problems and relationship issues.

The prosecution strongly opposed the idea of the pair being released on bail, saying that Ssematimba and Mugwari do not have any property in Namibia and they have no valid documents to be in the country, thus the State fears they might abscond.

The duo, who appeared in court without any legal representation, were advised to obtain lawyers for court proceedings.

The accused were remanded in custody and will be detained at the Windhoek Police Station.

Ssematimba and her co-accused are expected to make their next appearance in court on October 9.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia