Health facilities to be constructed in //Kharas Region

The Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) says its TB hospital at Keetmanshoop in the //Kharas region is 86 per cent completed.

In a statement issued by MoHSS Executive Director, Ben Nangombe said the construction of the hospital started in August 2015 and was expected to be completed in August 2016.

Discussions are ongoing to resolve the impasse between the MoHSS and the contractor, he said.

The hospital will cost the ministry N.dollars 46 203773.28 once completed and so far the ministry has spendN.dollars 34 058 204.00.

The statement further said the ministry had to appoint a new contactor to build prefabricated staff accommodation at Tses, Warmbad and Aroab Clinics after the initial contractor did not perform the job.

The contract was terminated on 5 October 2015 due to non performance of the contractor. A new contractor was appointed in 2018 is on course to finalize the project within the stipulated contract period, reads the Statement.

The Statement said the contract amount was N.dollars 4 729 368.48 and N. dollars 2 307 790.64 has been spend.

The statement further indicated that the Oranjemund Town Council has provided the MoHSS with land for the construction of staff accommodation and a health centre at the diamond town.

It adds that the designs for the staff accommodation and health centre are finalized and approved by the Ministry of Water and Transport (MWT).

It will cost the ministry N.dollars 49 million for the staff accommodation and the health care centre.

In conclusion the statement said the ministry plans to build a new health care centre at Aussenkehr as the one currently there is too small.

The health services are being provided for in a small clinic which has limited consulting rooms as well as no space for overnight patients, the clinic is however small. During the peak of the grape season it has a coverage population of 40,000 people, said the statement.

It adds that the //Karas Regional Council has availed land for the construction of a health centre and staff accommodation and the detailed design of the health centre has been approved by the MWT.

Source: Namibia Press Agency