Health ministry calls for team work from all Namibians in fighting COVID-19

 The Ministry of Health and Social Services on Sunday call upon all Namibian citizens to join the ministry in the fight to stop the spread of Coronairus (COVID-19).

In a statement availed to Nampa on Sunday the ministry said there is much that can be done by all Namibians to stop the spread of COVID-19.

‘Washing our hands with running water and soap, staying away when we are sick, avoiding face touching with unwashed hands, avoiding crowds and gatherings and staying informed. It will take all of us, but Namibia will rise to this occasion,’ said the statement.

The statement urged Namibians to adhere to the regulations described during the declaration of a National State of Emergency on 17 March 2020 and a lock down strategy which was implemented as from the 27 of March to the 17 April 2020.

‘People are urged to stay at home, they are encouraged to avoid crowds, and maintain personal hygiene, adhere to the State of Emergency – COVID-19 Regulations: Namibia Constitution apply to the whole of Namibia. Comply, cooperate, remain calm and stay at home,’ said the statement.

Further the statement said for people who are sick with COVID-19 or any other similar illness, care is being provided adding that as seen from other countries that most people who contract COVID-19, will have mild illnesses and will not require hospital care.

‘But for those who do, we have prioritized the capacitation, training and preparation of hospital staff, protecting our healthcare workers, increasing capacity of intensive care, and coordinating with private hospitals,’ it adds.

The ministry said the Robert Mugabe Clinic is now set up and operating for COVID-19 screening and such services will be soon made available in other areas.

‘Testing is also taking place at a private laboratory, especially through, private hospitals. However, all test result conducted on specimen collected within our borders must be reported to the National Institute of Pathology. This is important to ensure a truly national response,’said the ministry.

The statement said a 12 bed facility within the Windhoek Central Hospital Complex, build with prefabricated technology, will be handed over to the ministry by the contractor next week.

‘In other Regions across the country, especially at our District Hospitals, preparedness has been scaled up. This include preparation of quarantine and isolation facilities,’ added the statement.

Source: Namibia Press Agency