Heavy wind causes damage at Oniipa and Ondangwa

The sister constituencies of Oniipa in the Oshikoto Region and Ondangwa Urban Constituency in the Oshana Region on Wednesday experienced a devastating windstorm which left damaged several property.

Damaged property are mostly in the towns of Oniipa and Ondangwa. Oshikoto regional councillor for the Oniipa Constituency, Jerry Ngwena told Nampa in a telephonic interview on Thursday that the wind has destroyed and damaged more than 20 houses/buildings, as well as the Oniipa Primary School buildings, at Oniipa Town.

According to Ngwena, the wind has blown off roof sheets and caused some fence walls collapsed at several houses and business paces.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN) Printing Press and Book Depot has also its boundary iron bars collapsed due to the wind blow.

Besides causing damage to buildings, Ngwena said, the wind has also uprooted several trees in the constituency and resulted in the collapse of some tombstones at the local cemetery.

He pointed out that the wind started around 16h00 and last for just three minutes. It was at high speed, you can say 200 kilometres per hour, Ngwena narrated, adding that for him it was the first time to experience such a dusty windstorm.

According to him, nobody was injured or died in the incident. Spokesperson of the Ondangwa Town Council, Petrina Shitalangaho confirmed several business buildings have been damaged at the town.

Shitalangaho informed the public to be observant of the road signs which might have changed from their positions by the wind.

In some instances the public might experience some power cuts, so they must notify Nored (Northern Regional Electricity Distributor), as soon as possible, to investigate the cause, she urged.

In case of fallen trees, Shitalangaho said, should be reported to the town council. She also suggested the residents to keep the doors and windows of their houses always closed, park their vehicles in the garages or away the buildings, trees and fence walls.

Source: Namibia Press Agency