Helping more children to read

Elmarie Kotze, Managing Partner of Book Den and Founder of the Christina Swart-Opperman Aids Orphan Foundation, Dr Christina Swart-Opperman at the launch of the project.(Photograph by Melba Chipepo).The Christina Swart-Opperman Aids Orphan Foundation Trust and Book Den this week launched the ‘Reading for Life’ project. The project is aimed at collecting books for under-privileged children and orphans.
“It has been noticed that children need books hence this reading culture project. So we are urging people to donate good quality books, Bibles or any reading material” said Dr Swart-Opperman.
Donated books can be put in special contaners at Book Den, and at the offices of the Communication Regulation Authority (CRAN), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Hartlief, PointBreak and Wingoc.