Highlights of Hardap’s development budget

Windhoek: Kalkrand in the Hardap Region received N$8,97 million for the erection of service infrastructure in the current financial year, 2015/16, while Maltahohe has been allocated N$5 million.

Other areas that have been allocated funds for the erection of service infrastructure in Hardap Region include Stampriet, which received N$4 million, and Rehoboth, which received N$11,9 million.

The Ministry of Rural and Urban Development also allocated N$5 million for the provision of basic sanitation to the rural areas of Hardap: N$2 million for the construction of Hoachanas settlement office and N$6 million for the construction of constituency offices at Daweb and Aranos.

There is also an additional N$2 million for the construction of an office complex at Aranos and a further N$15 million to be spent on the construction of the Hardap Regional Office Park.

The 245-kilometre gravel road connecting Aranos to Aminius through to Gobabis will be upgraded to a bitumen road, for which purpose an amount of N$100 million has been set aside by the transport ministry for work on the road this year.

In addition, the transport ministry allocated N$15 million to upgrade the 84-kilometre road between Windhoek and Rehoboth to a dual carriageway. N$1 million has also set aside to construct access roads to schools and clinics in Hardap Region and N$8,6 million to pave and repair flood-damaged roads in the region.

The safety and security ministry is going to spend a total of N$22,915 million to upgrade and renovate police offices in the Hardap Region. Included in the spending plan is the construction of new police headquarters in the region at a cost of N$12,625 million, as well as the construction of accommodation facilities for police officers in the region at a cost of N$4,94 million.

The education ministry plans to spend 19,8 million on the construction of new primary schools and hostel facilities. There would be a new primary school at Hardap Scheme, at a cost of N$5,75 million, a new hostel facility at Tsumis Farm Primary School at a cost of N$2 million, while N$6,6 million would be spent on the construction of teachers’ houses.

The health ministry would spend nearly N$31 million in Hardap, with N$10 million allocated to the upgrading of St Mary’s Hospital at Rehoboth, N$8 million for upgrading and renovating Mariental District Hospital, N$5 million for constructing and renovating primary healthcare clinics in the region, and N$3,6 million for construction and renovation of primary healthcare centres in the region.

The Ministry of Tourism and Environment plans to spend N$15 million on upgrading sewage and water supply systems, N$2 million for the construction and renovation of staff houses, as well as N$1 million for the provision of water for game.

The agriculture ministry would spend N$5 million on forest resources management, N$5 million on developing livestock breeding and marketing in communal areas, as well as N$7 million to upgrade farm infrastructure and improve irrigation systems.