HIPO and One Pencil donate towards education

The Hizetjitwa Indigenous People’s Organisation (HIPO) on Thursday donated stationery to the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture for dissemination to the Ondao Primary School, Otjomuru Primary School and Chitado Commune in southern Angola.

The donations were made possible by the American charity One Pencil, which supports education programmes and community development projects in Namibia, southern Angola and Bolivia.

A substantial number of marginalised and vulnerable pupils attend the Ondao mobile units, Otjomuru Primary School and Chitado Commune and the Cunene Province in the south of Angola.

The donated stationery items are worth N.dollars 67 263 and include 10 000 pens, 15 000 pencils, 4 000 notebooks, 500 rulers and 150 boxes of papers.

Speaking at the occasion, HIPO chairperson Tjinezuma Kavari said such donations target the Ovahimba, Ovathimba, Ovatjimba, Ovatwa and San communities in Namibia and Angola.

He said these societies live their traditional lives in the remote, dry and mountainous areas without much influence from the outside world. He stated that these items will have a big impact in terms of education.

“They will be empowered through education to cope with the fast changing ways of life,” added Kavari.

He further noted that the schools face challenges of insufficient resources as the number of learners have increased over the years, adding that it was against this background that HIPO signed a five-year memorandum of understating with the One Pencil project in 2019.

Kavari also stressed the goal of realising excellent education, saying it is not the government’s duty alone, but the responsibility of all stakeholders.

Putuavanga Senior Secondary School principal Richard Tjazapi received the donation on behalf of the regional education director. He thanked HIPO and said the education ministry hopes the relationship between the two organisations will continue as it contributes massively towards education for marginalised communities.

Source: Namibia Press Agency