Hoachanas to host Hardap Super Cup

The Hoachanas settlement in the Hardap Region will be a hive of activity when about 30 teams will convene for the annual Hardap Super Cup tournament during the weekend of 28-29 September.

A total of 32 teams participated last year in the tournament previously known as Game on Sports Bar tournament, with Kaizer Chiefs from Arandis winning the 2018 edition 1-0 against Dolam Pirates from Windhoek.

The tournament amount is N.dollars 30 000 with the winners pocketing N.dollars 15 000, 20 gold medals and floating trophy, while the runner-up will walk away with N.dollars 9 000 and 20 silver medals.

The semi-final losers will each get N.dollars 3 000 for their efforts.

Registration amount per team is N.dollars 1700 and teams can register in advance or register on the draw day.

Only three Namibian Premier League players are allowed per team.

The two finalists will play in new soccer kits sponsored by the tournament organiser and radio personality Ricardo |Hawixa ||Garoeb.

Draw will be conducted on 27 September.

||Garoeb said hosting the tournament provides bush league players with the opportunity to be tested against more seasoned opponents to find out if they can compete with the best.

||Garoeb urged businesses in and around Hoachanas to plough back into the community to host sports events for the community.

As part of our social responsibility, we should plough back into society as a token of appreciation and host sports events for the people. It is our duty to entertain them with such activities through sponsoring it, he said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency