How old are you exactly?

Written by experience, author Jean Fischer and poet Mvula Ya Nangolo, share some wisdom on the body’s reluctance to stay in tune with modern times.If you are getting older but you are not yet that old, a new book, launched last week by Wordweaver Publishers celebrates, is the roadmap you need to comprehend your current situation and to engage your near future.
A Beginner’s Guide to Ageing by Jean Fisher was officially launched at an informal event at the Hotel School in Windhoek. It is Wordweaver’s first title for the year.
The event kicked off with a Marumba Band and some dry sherry for all guests. Inside the theatre, the launch began with a contribution by Sandy Rudd about how she and Jean had met 30 years ago, and how much Jean Fischer has achieved since then.
Bryony van der Merwe, the fireball driving Wordweaver Publisher, spoke next about how honoured she was to be chosen to publish this esteemed work.