Hundreds flock to ECN offering cars for SRV

Hundreds of Windhoekers who owns bakkie cars flocks to the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) head office on Friday, to offer their cars to be utilised in the upcoming supplementary voters registration (SVR), scheduled for 8-27 July.

ECN Chairperson, Advocate NotembaTjipueja, announced on Thursday that they could not acquire the required number of vehicles they targeted from the government and therefore they have devised a second plan to full fill the shortfall.

The ECN required a total number of 856 vehicles to be assigned to the registration officials but as I speak ECN has been able to secure 712 government vehicles, leaving a shortfall of 145 vehicles. In alleviating the vehicle shortage, she said.

The ECN has devised a Plan B whereby the ECN will resort to contracting private citizen with suitable vehicles to assist in the transportation of officials and registration materials during the upcoming process, she added.

Speaking to Nampa on scene, ECN's Windhoek North supervisor, who only identifies himself as S.T Haufiku, said they have registered 104 vehicles that will be tested for fitness to qualify them for the operation.

He added each car owner should be available at all times when needed during the registration period.

The drivers of the car must have their phone on at all times and be ready to work at all times, he said.

Haufiku said failure to show up for work for a single day may lead to the disqualification of the vehicle without any compensation to the owner.

Source: Namibia Press Agency