I would not be president if tribalism existed in Namibia: Geingob

President HageGeingob made it clear that tribalism and corruption does not exist in Namibia saying if it did he would not be the head of state as he is part of the minority.

Geingob was responding to questions from the media during a joint briefing with his Rwandan equivalent Paul Kagame on Tuesday.

Kagame is on a three day visit in Namibia.

During the countrywide town hall meetings, one of the topical issues was tribalism and corruption and it emerged from these meetings that after almost 29 years after independence, some Namibians feel excluded from positions of influence whether on the political, business or social front.

Geingob denied that tribalism and racism is pervasive in the country however it is only showing its ugly head now in Namibia.

Tribalism is caused by poverty, when people are left out, and when someone is successful it (becomes about) 'I' but when a politician fails he goes and says 'we are left out'. Those are the symptoms (of tribalism) we are seeing now, an irate Geingob clarified.

He said poverty drive people to be tribalists because they see successful people in high ranks which turns the narrative to our tribe is left out, our region is left behind.

The president urged Namibians to plaster the wall of tribalism to build one Namibian house and no longer refer to themselves as part of a ethnic group but rather as a countrymen or women.

Also speaking on the matter, Kagame said tribalism and divisive politics is not advantageous for nation-building however could be addressed through the right leadership of the country.

It (tribalism) is not just happening in Namibia but all over in other African countries, Kagame said.

Kagame recommended that leaders should find a common ground for the country and the differences to open up discussions and resolve tribalism in search of the good of the country that benefits all citizens.

This is the foundation one has to step on to move forward from any division, the Rwandan President said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency