ICWSA forms Namibian chapter

The International Community of women living with HIV in the Southern Africa (ICWSA) had a half day meeting to formulate a Namibian chapter here on Thursday.

ICWSA is a non-profit regional organisation which operates in nine countries in Southern Africa namely; Namibia, Malawi, Botswana, Eswatini, South Africa, Lesotho, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

This was revealed by ICWSA Regional Director, Evelyn Sharon Mashamba in an interview with Nampa here on Friday.

Mashamba said the meeting was aimed at developing an International Community of Women (ICW) chapter, which is an organ gearing activities in the Southern Africa.

Mashamba added that older women felt left out as funding was focused on younger women hence felt they are living with HIV and needs services and funding equally the same.

She added that empowering women issues came out strong as they felt women are able to provide for their families.

Mashamba further added that they elected a representative of the regional board, to have an overview country HIV response and find ways to start resourcing for the country chapter.

Veronica Kalambi has been elected as a regional board representative.

Mashamba added that the initiative sought to address the issue of the victimisation of advocacy groups, building the movement by setting up country structures, service inclusiveness of balanced funding for women in all their diversity and equal access to health care.

She further added that the meeting was open to all women living with HIV to ensure that their voices are amplified.

We are a capacity and movement building organisation through conscious raising, training, mentoring, communication, leadership development and empowerment, she stated.

Mashamba further said ensuring women living with HIV access quality health care, treatments and services are at the forefront of influencing policy and implementation.

Source: Namibia Press Agency