In Season – going green every day

The second edition of In Season magazine, which aims for its readers to grow and change as they are exposed to information that improves the quality of life. The new magazine has had a very positive reception from local readers. Angi von Kaschke is the Publication Manager and Bryony van der Merwe  the Editor-in-Chief. In Season is published by Wordweaver Publishing House.If you are one of those people who aim to leave green footprints on the earth, In Season is just the magazine for you. It is a new Namibian green lifestyle magazine brought to local readers by Wardweaver Publishing and it is published and distributed monthly. The aim of the magazine is to lead Namibians to a more environmentally conscious and health conscious frame of mind. It mainly focuses on being green every day, which includes environmental issues, eco-friendly concepts such as reusing, recycling, reducing, using renewable energy and natural healing practices for your mind, body and soul.