Incentives in tourism – First Lady

Tourism is one of the drivers to transform and diversify the Namibian Economy against the background of aggressive competition in the global market place. Tourism is the driving force behind the sophisticated discerning tastes of today’s travellers. High quality transportation and accommodation is mandatory.
According to Namibia’s First Lady Penehupifo Pohamba., the Government recognises the potential of the tourism industry for employment creation, hard currency earnings and human development.
“In Namibia presently, we face a challenging future where the implementation of an incentive plan for hotels and guest houses is necessary. The implementation of the incentive plan will place resources behind improving products. By taking advantage of the incentive plan these properties can now effectively position themselves to take advantage of the projected upswing in tourism,” she said.
She further said that the incentive plan for hotels and guest houses will improve the overall competitiveness of Namibia as a tourist destination with more competitive pricing and improvements in perception value that visitors spend.
The First Lady was speaking at the launch of Oshana Transfers and Tours which took place at Hilton Hotel on Wednesday. The company is funded by Heleni Shipena.