Indongo urges community to support the police in fighting GBV

||Kharas Namibian Police Force's (NamPol) Regional Commander Commissioner, David Indongo said violence against women and children is probably the most widespread human rights violation in this time and age and there is a need to drastically do something about it.

Indongo made the remarks in a speech read on his behalf at the Commemoration of the International Human Rights day and the 60th anniversary of Namibia Women's Day here on Tuesday.

This year commemoration was held under the theme 'Orange the world: Generation equality stand against rape'.

'I urge every peace loving person to join the police in the fight against Gender Based Violence (GBV) related offences and other crimes. I continue to reaffirm the police commitment to protect and promote the universality of human rights,' urged the regional commander.

He said from the policing perspective rape and GBV cases are cases which happens mostly indoors and are offences whereby perpetrators are people whom the victim has trust on.

'These cases if not reported justice would not be done to the victims as they will go undetected, orange the world, generation equality let us stand against rape and GBV, let us speak out, let us hear their cry and together we can make a difference,' said Indongo.

Indongo went on to say that in effort to embrace human rights which are inalienable right everyone is inherently entitled to as a human being the NamPol has encompassed courses pertaining to human rights into the police training curriculum to enhance the already existing efforts to effectively combat GBV and other crimes which infringe upon the rights others.

The regional commander noted that the 10 th of December also marks the end of the 16 day of activism against GBV which commenced on 25 November adding that the fight against GBV must continue.

'This does not mean we have to relax as offences against the vulnerable people, women and children are still being registered with the police and still needs our attention. I pledge Nampol commitment to fight the scourge of GBV and rape in particular,' he added.

Source: Namibia Press Agency