Indongo’s camp in high spirits as countdown begins

Windhoek-With just a few days to go before Namibia's internationally acclaimed and highly rated professional Junior Welterweight champion Julies 'Blue Machine' Indongo climbs into the ring to confront the equally dangerous American, Terence Crawford, for the unification of the WBO, WBC, WBA and IBF world titles, butterflies are running riot in the bellies of local boxing fanatics.

Indongo's handler, Namibia's world renowned boxing promoter, Nestor 'Sunshine' Tobias (NT), spoke to New Era Sport (NES) from his temporary base in New York to shed light on his protege's progress and the young boxer's overall readiness for the biggest fight in the history of Namibian boxing in the paid ranks.

NES: With days left before the fight of the century, could you please furnish us with your insights about your preparations since your early arrival in the USA and your overall expectations about the outcome of this historic bout?

NT: We are just excited to be part of this history in the making event on Saturday, the 19th of August. It can't get bigger than this, but we remain focused and humble.

NES: Word from Crawford's stable is that although they are not underestimating Indongo, they remain confident of manufacturing a victory.

NT: We are not worried about what other people say, or what they think of Indongo, as that will never make any difference in our game plan, but what makes a difference is to work hard and master our game plan, so that is our focus right now.

NES: Sentiments and loyalty aside, local boxing pundits believe Indongo has what it takes to fashion an historic triumph � given his high confidence complimented by his height and superior reach, which could be an added advantage,

NT: We have been enjoying our stay here in the USA and our preparations are going very well, we have been training in the reputable Wild Card Gym of accomplished boxing trainer Freddie Roach. He has been our friend for a while now and is a good person and down to earth.

NES: What is Roach's impression about Indongo's chances?

NT: He's very impressed with Indongo's boxing ability and gives him a good chance against Crawford. My overall judgment is that we took this fight knowing one hundred percent what we are into and went all out to prepare for this fight and come Saturday, the Blue Machine will be ready to ruffle feathers and shock the world.

NES: Finally, how is the mood amongst Africans residing in the USA, particularly Namibians?

NT: Namibians living in the USA and back home have been very supportive so far, while our High Commissioner in Washington, Honourable Martin Andjaba, has confirmed his attendance. That shows the seriousness of this particular bout. I'm just requesting the entire nation to keep us in their prayers. God bless Namibia, One flag, one nation, one national anthem and of course, one Namibia.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia