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Induction: Senators-elect, Members-elect commend NASS, NILDS


Senators-elect and House of Representatives Members-elect of the 10th National Assembly have commended the National Assembly and the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS).Their commendation followed the effective manner thro…

Senators-elect and House of Representatives Members-elect of the 10th National Assembly have commended the National Assembly and the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS).

Their commendation followed the effective manner through which they conducted induction for the newly elected members of the assembly.

Some of the lawmakers disclosed this on on Thursday in Abuja in interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sideline of the ongoing induction carried out by the National Assembly and NIDLS.

Rep. Clement Jimbo (APC-Akwa-Ibom) appreciated NILDS for organising the event saying that it has equipped them on the rudiments of legislation.

“I appreciate NILDS for putting the induction together; for giving us a lead; a pathway so that the moment we are inaugurated, we will find the right footing in the right place.

“It has equipped us with knowledge to legislate on policies of government and make government more functional as it should be,” he said.

On the zoning of presiding officers of the 10th Assembly by the All Progressives Congress (APC), Jimbo said “It’s one thing for the leadership of the party, the APC to zone the presiding officers to individuals or political zones.

“It is however, ultimately, left for the elected members, senators-elect to take the ultimate decision on the proclamation of the 10th Assembly by voting who they wish or desire to be their presiding officers.

“They can not compel everyone to tow the line of the party, you negotiate, you dialogue , you give the people reasons they should follow your candidate,” he said.

Rep. Mohammed Monguno (APC-Borno), now senator-elect, said that the philosophical cornerstone behind the training was to broaden the horizon of members and expose them to the nuances and nitty-gritty of legislation.

Rep. Agbedi Fredrick (PDP-Bayelsa) said that the induction was particularly meant for those who are new.

“They need this background, this introductory training programme to be able to understand the nuances of lawmaking, the nuances of parliament so they can have a good take off,” he said.

Senator-elect, Ede Dafinone (APC-Delta) said “the 10th Senate is going to hit the ground running.

“The feeling among members-elect is that we need to do things a little bit significantly in order to change the current trajectory of the country.

“There is a lot of talk about empowerment. I will work on motions and bills relating to my field, the accounting field. I hope to bring that expertise to bear in the 10th Senate,” he said.

He further said that the National Working Committee (NCW) of the APC had come up with some positions but at the end of the day, the different camps would lobby the members-elect.

“We will vote according to what is best for the assembly and the country based on ideas and inputs of various stakeholders but the voting will be independent so whatever is the case, the leadership will be determined by the members in chamber

“There are three candidates that are stepping up. It’s early days yet. There may still be more candidates that may step up, let’s look at the best to lead the senate,” Dafinone said.

Senator-elect Abubakar Ohere (APC-Kogi) said that the induction had been able to enhance his skills coming from an engineering background.

He said that he was fully prepared to take up the challenge by bringing in quality laws that would impact the lives of the people.

Rep. Ado Doguwa (APC-Kano) said that the training was an interesting engagement where “you have new members-elect coming to learn the rudiments of legislation.”

Doguwa who is the Majority Leader, House of Representatives, said that the induction provided a kind of stepping stone especially for the new members to be trained on the rudiments of law making.

“They have been taught some of their duties and responsibilities. This provides a very good opportunity for them to kickstart on their new job,” he said.

He also urged the 10th Assembly to replicate what the 9th assembly stood for with regards to the cordial relationship with the executive.

“As far as the relationship between the executive arm of government is concerned, we must work together to be able to provide good governance for the people,” he added.

The senator- elect from Zamfara Central, Ikira Bilbis (PDP-Zamfara) described the induction as educative, adding that it would assist some of the lawmakers to carry out their legislative duties.

Bilbis also said that the induction had revealed to the lawmakers the qualities to look out for in selection of legislative aides.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria