Industrial developments, rapid increase in population continue to cause strain on municipality’s delivery of basic utilities

GOBABIS: Industrial developments and the rapid increase in the population of Gobabis continue to cause a strain on the municipality’s delivery of basic utilities such as water and electricity.

The town has over the past few months been plagued by constant power interruptions lasting between four hours to almost two days.

Frequent water interruptions, often lasting an entire weekend, have also been experienced at this eastern town.

Vital services such as the hospital, police station and a few others were at most times spared from the power interruptions, largely due to alternative power supply sources such as generators mounted at these institutions.

However, the power shortages have grounded several activities of various Government ministries and agencies, as staff members were unable to attend to their daily tasks.

Contacted for comment, the Gobabis Municipality Public Relations Officer, Frederick Ueitele told Nampa yesterday that most of the electricity cables and other vital infrastructure at the town are under constant pressure to contain the population, while it also experience extensive wear and tear.

Residents at the town have raised concerns over the municipality’s lack of communication on expected power interruptions, accusing the municipality of not being sensitive to their needs.

A business boom, which led to the establishment of a bigger mall – the town’s second – is also said to have contributed to the pressure on the provision of basic utilities.