Industry Loop: Flipping it!

Last week I bashed crooked event organisers who still in this day and age expect entertainers to perform free of charge!

The message was crystal clear, SAY NO TO PERFOMING FOR FREE!!!!

However, as a columnist speaking to you and two other friends of yours (including your ex LOL) it's my duty to look at both sides of the coin. Trust the NSK to always flip it like #KK.

You can only pay for a service/product if you see value in what someone is offering, right?

So maybe, just maybe, some of these event's organisers whom I have accused of being crooked for offering exposure instead of Omo Nujomas do not see the value in what you bring to the table!

Yes, I am talking to you who wants to be paid but cannot estimate how many fans your a$$ will bring to an event if booked. Yes, I am talking to you who wants people to pay you, but you do not have any social media presence (numbers) to breathe life into your fetching fee. Yes, I am talking to you who wants to be paid, but is known for being drunk and high on stage, sloppy and lip-syncing.

You find entertainers who simply sit in their ka little studio.all day, every day! No appearances, no interaction with the media, no networking with potential investors, no fun fair with fans, no innovative ideas to push the brand beyond the core business and no travelling.

So now, you want to receive payment but you don't breathe value into your service/product? Well, if that is the case then I AM ALSO CROOKED!!! That's right! There is noooooooooooooo way in this Meriam feeding dogs with Hungry lion world that I am going to pay for your drunken, high and unprepared a$$!

Why would I even want you at my event? Why would I expose my paying audience to your lazy and ratchet a$$?! Not happening! So yes, it goes both ways! Entertainers, you need to breathe value into your brand with actual work, numbers and a track record. Event organisers, value us assablief. Kom ons bly net nxa. Otherwise? We are going to keep having this back and forth.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia