Industry Loop: Lazy P.R work

South West Africa National Union of Namibia President, Dr Tangeni Iijambo recently said that Namibians are not lazy. Saying they are deprived of opportunities and that only a select few benefited from the country's vast resources. I agree with the Dr to some extent. P.R departments in Namibia are lazy to a larger extent. Perfectly set up and resourced P.R departments ranging from both government agencies to private companies all have one thing in common, they are lazy and it's costing the company thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Perfectly set up and resourced P.R departments now depend heavily on private media monitor companies. These so called media monitor companies typically include the systematic recording of radio and television broadcasts, the collection of press clippings from print media publications, and the collection of data from online information sources. Basically, they are spies of the media. If this was 1975, we would term it Impimpi! Government agencies and the private sector with perfectly set up and resourced P.R departments are heavily dependent on these Impimpi styled companies. Bleeding these Government agencies and private companies of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Information provided by these impimpi style companies in many cases do not present the full picture of what was said (TV and Radio) or written (print). You cannot have a specific cut out from a three hour radio show and present that as they said this about your company. Had these well set up and resourced P.R departments in government agencies and private sector had not been lazy, they would've, maybe, just maybe listened to the full show and thus be in a better position to present a holistic picture of what was said about the firm. But because these well set-up and resourced P.R departments in government agencies, and private sector, are lazy, leaving the work to profit driven impimpi styled companies to do the job, than creates unpleasantries between personalities of the print, TV and radio space.

Who in many times double as entertainers. Which basically means, because of this impimpi styled companies, many who double as entertainers, will not get gigs because well, we live in a country where people catch feelings, and instead of doing retrospection, they look to defend and attack you relentlessly. If we are talking about austerity measures, instead of running to peoples salaries, maybe we should look at what and who can do the job internally, and if this is the case, cut off these impimpi style agencies off who do nothing but bleed your coffers dry.

Imagine saving all of those thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in these economic times and have the department, which in this case, the P.R departments actually start doing their job, you would have happy employees (no one getting pay cuts), happy media personalities in print, TV and Radio (who many double as entertainers).

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia