Industry Loop: Namibian musicians need to be more innovative

In conversation recently with DJ Hou Vas, I picked up a few things from one of the best to have ever done it.

As a club DJ, he revealed his frustrations over the Namibian music scene. How people will literally scream at you for not playing good music. I pleaded with him to help me with his analysis as to why this is the case. He shared his analysis and it struck a chord. Allow me to share it with you on this platform.

Dj Hou Vas basically said that Namibian musicians do not market themselves as aggressive as they used to during the era of Killa-B, Pablo, Snazzy, etc. He believes that the current crop of Namibian musicians are lazy and feel entitled. Namibian radio MUST play their music. Club DJs MUST play their music. TV youth programs MUST play their music. Print MUST highlight their brands. Gone are the days of enthusiastic marketing from musicians. Those years, musicians use to launch their albums in stadiums in all the corners of the country. He continued to say You'd know when any of the musicians would drop because they were aggressive with their marketing.

Most of my close friends during this year's edition of the NAMAs [Namibia Annual Music Awards] during the ceremony people would constantly ask me Etse nou wie's daai? The question begs, whose fault is that? Whose fault is that the general public, especially in places like Walvis Bay, and Swakopmund clubs would get angry at club DJs if they so much dare to play 30 minutes of 2018 Namibian music? Whose fault is it that people don't not know 80% of the musicians at this year's NAMAs? Do Namibian musicians want to blame radio? Do Namibian musicians want to blame print? Do Namibian musicians want to blame TV? Whose fault is it?

I am on record on this platform saying that the Namibian society has developed this dangerous habit of being comfortable with ignorance. Namibian musicians are supposed to know this, and find strategic ways of cutting through this layer of ignorance. This is why research is so key. Had research had been done, Namibian musicians would've moulded a strategic plan by now on how to get their brands noticed.

You cannot blame society. Society is what it ismake peace with it and find a way! A good quality song or album is not enough to get you that hype around your brand. There are so many quality Namibian albums on the market today that are not selling because of a combination of ignorance, and weak ass marketing! Being able to sing or rap is not enough. We live in a cut throat society where your own people prefer to consume foreign music as opposed to support your brand. Ain't nobody got time to sympathise with you. Dj Hou Vas's analysis is currently a reality. You cannot want to get angry at club Djs for not playing Namibian music. You cannot want to get angry at radio for not playing nearly as enough Namibian music to sway public interest. You cannot want to blame print or TV for not highlighting your brand. The bottom line is, people are very important to radio, clubs, TV and print. If people are not happy with the aforementioned industries, they go out of business and families will suffer. It's just not worth play listing and highlighting Namibian music if it's going to come at such a high cost. Namibian musicians need to innovatively do more.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia