Industry Loop: Respect entertainment journos

One of the greats to have ever done it, Frederick B. Philander recently registered his concerns with the current space entertainment journalists find themselves in. Ome FBP complained about the apparent lack of sound journalism, which may be the result of underpayment, unfavourable working conditions, and lack of work related benefits.

I bet everyone in newsrooms were jeering at his views. Editors probably had a good laugh and were quick to point the finger at their subordinates. I'm sure many others in the industry probably dismissed his insights as hating. Anything that is mos not in line with the so call popular view is mos hating in the land of the brave.

Perhaps stakeholders should really sit down and have a conversation regarding what Ome FBP said. Ome FBP is simply a concerned reader who happens to have a trained ear (or eyewhichever way you're looking at it). Not so long ago I spoke about how people with influence, journalist, critics and columnists are ridiculed the second they take an unfavorable stance albeit how truthful their analyses may be.

Hence I applaud Ome FBP for having shared his insights into the current space entertainment journalists find themselves in. I would like us to look at this a little differently. Have we ever thought that maybe just maybe entertainment journalists are not regarded as real journalists because well, it's just entertainment mos? Have we ever thought that maybe just maybe entertainment journalists are the black sheep in a newsroom because instead of wanting to report on issues of national concern they are reporting on Nigga Get Lich? Maybe just maybeeditors and management of the paper do not take entertainment serious to a point where it can actually become an advertising tool WITH ADDED VALUE?

Majority of my entertainment journalists complain about one thing, amongst others, the unfavorable working conditions. An entertainment journalist have to be at events that start two hours late and they will still be expected to report happily. An entertainment journalist is expected to attend these events and report with zero budget allocated for refreshments. An entertainment journalist is expected to present an unbelievable amount of stories to editors by deadline or face the wrath of management. In a space where entertainers catch feelings, an entertainment journalist is expected to toe the line. Maybe just maybe Ome FBP, entertainment journalists have been slacking on the quality you so dearly speak of and rightfully so because of the aforementioned. The art of reporting on entertainment should be respected. I demand that editors start taking entertainment journalists serious. The absence of entertainment journalists will render your paper straight up boring. If that is the target market you seek to utilise, so be it. But even that so-called market that prefers politics, business and sport, also rush every Friday to the entertainment section. These are the same people that sign off cheques as prize monies at the NAMAs. So who are we fooling here? I do not have hard proof regarding which day a newspaper makes the most money but I think the writing is on the wall. Respect entertainment journos. Maybe just maybe when you start treating them with respect will they start respecting their craft to reach the standard that Ome FBP is longing for!

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia