Innovative ways needed to guarantee security and integrity of digital system: Mbumba

There is a need to create innovative ways that will guarantee the security and integrity of digital systems in Namibia, Vice President Nangolo Mbumba has said.

Opening the 6th National ICT Summit in a speech read on his behalf here on Monday, Mbumba said collaborative efforts between public, private, industry and academic institutions should devise innovative ways to enhance and sustain security of Namibia's networks and systems to safeguard that the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information is not compromised.

He noted that as Namibia position itself to fully participate in the global technology arena, there is a need actively harness the full potential of the youth, adding that the youth are the catalysts of the nation's digital transformation efforts.

Youth empowerment initiatives in the ICT sector should fully optimise the benefits of the 4th industrial revolution, therefore it is imperative that concerted efforts be made to unleash the innovative potential of our youth, said the Vice President.

He further noted that, internet connectivity is closely associated with economic output hence Namibia invested in the West Africa Cable System (WACS) submarine cable an ultra-high capacity cable Fiber-optic submarine cable system which links Southern Africa, the rest of Africa and Europe.

Mbumba said the notion of E-governance which deliver government services to citizens has been embraced by government, however there is still a need to accelerate the provision to be made more efficient, virtual and transparent.

With timely provision of services to the citizens particularly civil documentation such as e-birth certificate, e-ID and e-passports amongst others government has been able to inculcate and entrench a new culture of efficiency, transparency and accountability, he said.

Mbumba concluded that the ICT summit should continue to be a platform for effective networking and a conduit to create effective synergies in the ICT sector.

The three-day 6th national summit is held under the theme' Accelerating digital transformation'.

Source: Namibia Press Agency