International cooperation will improve corruption fight and good governance: Noa

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) director Paulus Noah said, international cooperation efforts can successful help fight corruption and improve good governance, if international authorities cooperate with each other by rendering assistance to one another in criminal investigations.

Noah made these remarks on Thursday at the ACC head office during the visit by their Chinese counterpart the Commission for Disciplinary Inspection of the Communist Party from Jiangxi Province in China. The two anti-graft institutions exchanged ideas of dealing with criminal cases.

Noah said, availing documents and relevant information for criminal prosecution as well as availing their nationals to appear and testify in foreign criminal courts will help fight corruption and organized crimes.

With such close international cooperation, corrupt persons will not get away with crimes and this is what international legal instruments against transnational organized crime including corruption meant for, said Noah.

He added that the fight against corruption will be driven by international mutual legal assistance, but the challenges in tracing stolen assets as well as challenges in securing witnesses to testify in courts may be attributed to lack of true international cooperation in responding positively to mutual legal assistance requests.

The world has become a small village, making it so easy for criminal fugitives to flee to other jurisdictions in search for safe havens. Corruption is neither a problem of one country nor one region, expressed Noah.

Speaking through an interpreter, Commission for Disciplinary Inspection Secretary Sun Xinyang said, he heard about the mandate of ACC and he is impressed as it is the same with theirs, because they are both established to help their governments fight crimes of corruption and illegal arms dealings, thus he is looking forward to future cooperation with the ACC.

Source: Namibia Press Agency