Investigation incomplete in fatal stabbing

Windhoek-The investigation into the case of a woman accused of stabbing her long-term live-in boyfriend have yet to be finalised.

Murder accused Laimi Goagoses faces a charge of murder for faqtally stabbing her boyfriend 17 times with three bread knives seven years ago.

Although Goagoses' case has been partially heard during trial the prosecution is awaiting the Supreme Court's decision following the decision of the prosecutor general to appeal to the Supreme Court.

The prosecution alleges that Goagoses intentionally and unlawfully killed Horst Radecke on December 23, 2009. It is alleged the stabbing occurred at the couple's home in Tempel Street, Dolam in Katutura.

The couple on the fateful day in question went out drinking all day and an argument erupted upon their arrival at home.

The argument between the couple turned violent when the deceased started assaulting the accused.

In retaliation the accused ran to the kitchen, grabbed bread knives and stormed back to the bedroom.

Goagoses used three bread knives to inflict seventeen stab wounds which consequently caused the deceased to bleed to death.

The police investigation revealed that during the time of the incident apart from the couple there was no one else at home.

During her testimony Goagoses explained she could not remember the events that led to her boyfriend's death.

Police upon their arrival at the crime scene found Goagoses on top of the deceased's body, shaking him. In her defence Goagoses explained she was simply trying to see if the deceased was still breathing.

Goagoses, who made an appearance on bail, is expected to be back in court on October 19 following a postponement by magistrate Cosmos Endjala to enable the police to complete their investigation.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia