Investors are not job grabbers but opportunity creators: Tweya

Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development TjeroTweya said, Namibians should welcome tourists and investors because they are not coming here to seek for job opportunities but rather to create jobs.

Tweya said this on Friday when he addressed a group of Namibian business people and Chinese business people during the Namibia-China Business Forum that took place in Windhoek at a local hotel, organised by Investment Center and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade through the Chinese Embassy in Namibia.

Tweya said, some Namibians are complaining about Chinese nationals flocking to Namibia, but some are coming here as tourists and investors something government is promoting in order to create employment opportunities that the country desperately need.

When investors or tourists come we complain, when they don't come we complain again, Namibians! what do you want? Investors are not job grabbers nor seekers, they are job creators so let us welcome them because they made time to come to us leaving their lucrative businesses behind to give us opportunities that the country desperately need, said Tweya.

He said, that when business people go to state house to present their business strategies, the media humiliates the president saying that he is doing business under the table which is not true.

He added that he hope the business seminar does not become just another talk show but yield tangible results that will give opportunity to Namibian business people and employment opportunities.

Deputy General Manager of the China Machinery Engineering Corporation GuoQun said, Namibia is an important cooperation partner to China in Africa because both countries have the same developmental strategies and China is ready to strengthen the bilateral relations that already exist.

Namibia Investment Center Director Dolly Amoomo said, Namibia is the getaway market for investment in the southern Africa region because it borders two of the biggest market in the region which are South Africa and Angola.

Namibia is a democratic country with its own independent economy and we have multiple companies that have invested here successful over the years. Once you invest in Namibia, we will treat you like one of our own, thus we encourage you to also invest in hotels, restaurants and lodges, said Amoomo.

Source: Namibia Press Agency