IREMA project steering committee members focused on progress

The Improving rangeland and ecosystem management (IREMA) project has set up a steering committee that will provides support, guidance and oversight of the project progress after last month inception workshop that was held in Opuwo.

The IREMA project is tasked to assist smallholder farmers under conditions of climate change in the Fransfontein, Sesfontein and Warmquelle areas.

Project manager, Mirjam Kaholongo told on Nampa on Friday that additional members to represent the traditional authorities and conservancies are yet to be added to the Regional Steering Committee, while the enacted Regional steering committee includes; the Office of the Governor, Amon Kapi from the Namibia National Farmers Union (NNFU) and President �Kunene Farmers Union, Mr. Gabriel /Goagoseb of Groot-Berg the Vice- Chairperson of Braunfels Farmers Association, Rhodell Drusill Eichas the Secretary of Sori- soris FA, , Mr. Samuel Kapia the Chairperson of Tsause Kainatseb FA, Patience B. Hoaes whose the Secretary of Morewag/Versteendewoud FA, also part of the committee is the Bergsig FA, Sesfontein FA, Khowareb FA joint by the Ministry of Rural and Urban Development and the Ministry of Land Reform. Mirjam said that the regional steering committee will be the driving force behind the project to make sure that everything works accordingly.

The project kick-started already and for now we are busy with extensive consultations we as part of the project implementation. Right now the project staff and engineers are in the field assessing the project target sites e.g. water sources, irrigation infrastructures, community gardens and so on to map out what exactly needs to be done added Mirjam.

She further said the project implementation cannot happen over a night, it is a process. But, as usual, EIF is dedicated towards improving the resilience of the rural poor communities and their livelihoods thereof the committee will do whatever it takes to make sure that this project becomes a success.

The N.dollars 130 million project that was launched six month ago is aimed to address measures to mitigate climate change through crop production for food security, improve livelihood of the people, fodder production and building resilience of the communities to adapt to the negative impacts of climate change in the Kunene region.

Source: Namibia Press Agency