Is Unam festival an alcohol haven?

Students of the University of Namibian have got mixed feelings about their annual cultural festival with many believing it is a great opportunity for them to showcase their cultures, mingle and interact with each other while some say it has become a major promoter of alcohol abuse on campus. The university's annual cultural festival celebrating 25 years of the institution's excellence took place last week highlighted by a gospel show last Wednesday night, official opening last Thursday, Live Band Show last Friday and Mr and Miss Unam Central Campus last Saturday.

However, some students believe this year the major attraction was alcohol with many of their fellows boozing to the fullest and doing unnecessary things because of alcohol.

George Simasiku says despite enjoying some cultural groups showcasing their traditional performances, he did not enjoy the rest of the festival as he was disturbed by some drunk students, who kept on picking up fights everywhere. But Katrina Tomas says this is the only time students get a break from their academic duty and enjoying and sharing alcohol with fellows at the festival provides them with a relaxing moment.

Tomas Markus sees nothing wrong with the festival, saying it was the celebration of the university's silver jubilee and there was nothing wrong with the students enjoying themselves to the fullest.

This year the university celebrated the festival under the theme, Silver Lining in our Culturally Silver Landscape.

The festival united both staff members and students in stylish celebrations spiced by magical traditional dances. Apart from that traditional cuisines and attires, as well as other accessories were on sale.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia