Isaack condemns ‘dependency syndrome’

Hardap Governor Esme Sophia Isaack said the majority of Hardap inhabitants has become aware to MARIENTAL, 12 JUL (NAMPA) � Hardap Governor Esme Sophia Isaack said the majority of Hardap inhabitants has become aware to bridge the dependency syndrome by engaging in self-sustainability projects entrepreneur initiatives.

During her State of the Region Address Isaack said women and youth have been taken on board in the running of the political economic and administrative systems and added the overall mandate of the Region is to ensure political, economic, social, and technical empowerment of local population to fight poverty by participating in planning and management of their development process.

I am calling on Ministries, Agencies and Organizations to consider local people for unskilled employment opportunities their institutions may offer, especially our youth. Recently a new Shell Service Station opened in Mariental and created job opportunities to our youth whilst Nampower in conjunction with other companies, including two companies owned by previously disadvantage women constructed a 37 megawatt solar plant just outside Mariental with a sizeable portion of locals employed there, she noted.

Isaack alluded that in terms of the effective governance, the region opt to unite the accountability of service delivery at the Regional Council Office.

The accounting officers of the Region at all levels of structures are now required to submit their quarterly performance reports to the Regional Council. The Chief Regional Officer must closely monitor Administrators at Executive and Management Levels to adhere directives.

She called on all stakeholders to strengthen coordination of Government activities across the Region.

This I believe will eliminate duplication and waste of scares government resources and at the same time comfortably take stock of our Regional performance We would be having a clear picture and direction how we could best assist the lower levels of governance and by so doing ensure that no one is excluded from being part of our Regional vision, she said.

In conclusion she said it is equally important that vacant positions especially at Management Levels be advertised and filled for smooth running of Institutions and as much as possible do away with Management Cadres in acting capacity.

Source: Namibia Press Agency