It is a sacred duty to honour heroes who stood up against foreign aggression: Mbumba

The Vice-President of the Republic of Namibia, Nangolo Mbumba said it is a sacred duty to honour heroes that stood up against foreign aggression and that paid the ultimate price to pave the way towards the attainment of independence.

Making the remarks during his keynote address at the 114th |Khowese Gaogu tses, Mbumba said those early resistance warriors paid with their blood and paved the way so that Namibia can be free today.

These were the extreme sacrifices that we will not forget, as we continue to pay homage to our heroes and heroines. In the words of Quintus Terullianus the Berber, a prolific Christian author from Carthage and of African origin, I paraphrase The blood of the martyrs is the seed of our freedom and liberty, he added

Mbumba said commemorations should thus serve to articulate the greater visions, objectives and aspirations, the heroes were harboring to capture and practically implement them.

Our heroes wanted us to live in peace, free from poverty, underdevelopment and social evils such as drugs and alcohol abuse and thus we should therefore keep on remembering the last words of Kaptein Hendrik Auta !Nanseb Witbooi. As he was about to die on that sad day on October 29, 1905, as he sent this message through his soldiers to the colonizers. And I quote, It is enough now. Let my children have rest, Mbumba said.

He said it is for that reason the Government of Namibia, will ensure that resources are availed to its people towards the development trajectory that was set for the citizens.

Addressing the |Khowese Gaob, Hendrik Ismael Witbooi, Mbumba said as Gaob he has a daunting task ahead to be a leader for all members of the community and for those who stood by his side.

You have assumed the leadership of this community at the time when many social evils prevail in our communities. You have assumed leadership at the time after there was a contestation for the throne, and some people of this community are still drawn in between sides and do not know whom to turn to for their problems, therefore be a leader to those that even opposed you for you are their Gaob, Mbumba said.

He called on Witbooi to lead by example, bring together the |Khowese community and be kind and accommodative.

Be a keen listener and do not be quick to answer those who may provoke you. You are following in the footsteps of a great leader, our late Reverend Dr. Hendrik Witbooi, who used to say, !Khuba !noba. !Nos |khab ge hoana dan xuige, in other words, loosely translated as 'Be still for God, as He triumphed through silence', Mbumba concluded.

Source: Namibia Press Agency