Itula launches manifesto

An Independent Presidential Candidate, Panduleni Itula launched his manifesto for the November Presidential election here on Saturday.

Speaking at the launch, Itula said the manifesto set out what is needed to do to install good governance and identifies priorities to return the benefits of the country's riches to the people.

Itula intend to launch a major house ´┐Żbuilding programme to accelerate the security of the people by allocating a piece of land on which to construct a house to all citizens who are homeless and without shelter.

We may borrow from the experience of other nations who have face similar problems by using as necessary prefabricated housing and deploying the security forces to assist in construction, he added.

Itula promises further to say the N.dollar 1 000 is dual option direct government housing scheme, designed specifically to provide shelter and improve the standard of accommodation for the people in the informal settlement.

He added that he promise to provide the youth employment instantly to many irrespective of the professions especially those emerging from relevant Vocational Training Centres (VTCs)courses such as bricklaying, electrician and plumbing.

Itula promises to ensure the youth to occupy 40 percent of the cabinet, key decision-making positions in all government structures and entities shall have at least a 40 percent youth.

He went on to say non-discriminatory funding of the development cooperative projects for youth development countrywide within the armpit of the law and polices.

Itula added that non-discriminatory education funding for eligible students to tertiary institutions including VTCs

I will consult with the youth countrywide to draft a blue print for youth to determine the destiny of this country which they are the rightful successor, he noted.

Itula amongst others said efficient health service should be free at appoint of delivery and available to all.

We need to examine how we can better provide care in the rural areas where travel to health centres is difficult.

Itula went on to say ensuring early introduction of subjects such as agriculture at least from grade five to 12 and identification of potential professional orientation of pupils shall be made compulsory in all curricula.

We must study successful education system in other countries to find the most appropriate for us, he emphasised.

Source: Namibia Press Agency