IUM hosts World Entrepreneurs Day

The privately owned International University of Management (IUM) yesterday joined the rest of the world in commemorating World Entrepreneurs Day with hundreds of students in attendance at the university's main campus in Dorado Park in Windhoek.

The inaugural event was well attended by students and local and international entrepreneurs, while the industrious Dr David Namwandi, who has been bestowed with several academic accolades locally and internationally and founded IUM with a handful of students, was also in attendance.

Speaking at the event Namwandi, who is the chairperson of the IUM Governing Council, said any country with successful entrepreneurs and innovators will certainly thrive in business.

He stressed that the government cannot do it alone. Government needs people with entrepreneurial skills to help create employment and grow the country's economy. A government that does not promote private initiatives, but instead stifles private ventures, is doomed to fail, said Namwandi.

He said he always feels happy when new business ideas are brought to the fore because he firmly believes that the more good business ideas are generated, the better it is for the country's economy.

IUM, being an initiative of an entrepreneur, transforms graduates so that they too can transform the economy, the country and the world at large, said Namwandi, who has also established a trust for needy but talented students whom he sponsors every year to realise their dreams.

It is believed that innovation and invention are nothing else but creativity. It is, certainly, all about transforming mother earth with different exciting and profound new ideas aimed at positively impacting thousands of lives.

One entrepreneurship activator, Twapewa Kadhikwa of Kadhikwa Chicken Farming, spoke about her entrepreneurial journey and how she initiated her businesses from being a hairdresser and by selling cosmetics at a tender age.

She said the way forward in entrepreneurship is to know the truth, and young people must have a sense of identity.

Let's work hard and be realistic on everything we do � that is the only way we can go forward, said Kadhikwa.

IUM Dean of Faculty of Business Administration, Jogbeth Kazongari, spoke about the traditional role of entrepreneurship, saying it has changed drastically over the years to innovative ideas.

By providing education on entrepreneurship, students are trained to go a step ahead and turn their ideas into a business plan. University graduates need to be trained. Education is aimed to equip young people with entrepreneurship skills, she said.

During the event the David Namwandi Trust awarded two students with a special interest free loan of N$50,000 each, the funds to be used to purchase equipment and software for their companies. The two beneficiaries are Wilbardine Amukoshi of Candy Consultancy cc, and Elizabeth Haukongo of Krevuta Investment cc.

The purpose of World Entrepreneurs Day (WED) is to create awareness of entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership throughout the world. WED is the perfect day to celebrate people who started a business on their own.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia