Joe Madisia Launches 'African Paradox' At FNCC (

In a series of artworks consisting of linocut prints to pay tribute to the late John Muafangejo and also to the late artist and poet Peter Clarke of South Africa, Joe Madisia will launch his book and an art exhibition at the Franco-Namibia Cultural Centre on Monday, 7 September at 18h30.

One can consider this exhibition of works a contribution of Madisia’s social experience and social consciousness that timelessly reconnects now and then with past and present-day African society.

Madisia is the first artist who taught the concept of cardboard printing through art-classes to many young Namibians during the early 1990s at the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre and countrywide. His illustrations featured in many children and educational books and national art programmes.

His book, ‘African Paradox – Experienced in Namibia’, an anthology comprising 11 black and white original hand-printed linocut prints and 11 poems from an artist’s perspective excavate the deeper symbolism and meaning of the artwork, and reflect on issues relating to ownership, possession, abundance, greed and money.

The exhibition runs until 2 October.