Kaapanda ranks Omusati Region crime hot spot


The Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Joel Kaapanda says the Omusati Region is leading in terms of moral decay, cruel killings and serial theft.

He said this while inaugurating a multi-purpose community centre at the Otamanzi Constituency of the Omusati Region on Friday.

The minister said his personal crime statistics thus far indicate that most serious theft and murder cases in the country have connections with the Omusati Region.

He singled out the traditional districts of Ongandjera, Uukwaluudhi and Uukolonkadi as the most problematic areas these days.

Kaapanda cited an incident last week when 24-year-old Mirjam Tuyakula Nandjato was beheaded by her boyfriend, Ananias Ekongo Nailenge, 24, at Oshakati West as one of the cruel killings committed in the country by a resident of the Omusati Region. Nailenge hails from the Okalongo Constituency in Omusati.

On Thursday, a 64-year-old man from the Otamanzi Constituency’s Onandjo village killed another man with a panga in the Uuvudhiya Constituency of the Oshana Region.

King Johannes Mupongolitha Mupiya of Ongandjera confirmed this killing during the Otamanzi Multi-purpose Community Centre inauguration function.

The minister also highlighted the killing of young women by their lovers who were members of the Namibia Defence Force at Okahao and Outapi in the Omusati Region a few years ago.

He also added to his statistics a woman who was stabbed 18 times by her boyfriend and died instantly in the field at the Oshihau village of the Omusati Region’s Onesi Constituency on 31 January this year.

Kaapanda further noted the gang-rape and killing of a bar attended at the Onakaheke village in the Omusati Region’s Tsandi Constituency by young men on 30 March 2011.

“Why are all these happening, or is it because the Omusati Region has bad people?” Kaapanda demanded to know, while on the other hand appealing to parents to ensure that their children are properly brought up and have good discipline.

He then appealed to religious leaders to start offering counseling if the issue of moral decay is to be addressed in Namibia and in the Omusati Region in particular.