Kalenga’s faction surrenders OTA office keys

Royal prince KonisaKalenga's faction has surrendered the Ondonga Traditional Authority (OTA) office to the governor of the Oshana Region on Monday.

Governor of the Oshana Region, Elia Irimari confirmed to Nampa on Monday that Kalenga's faction has gave up and finally surrendered the keys to the OTA offices to his office, a process which started and completed on Monday morning.

All the keys to the OTA office have been surrendered to us, as well as the official vehicle is now parked on our premises, stated Irimari.

This following a legal defeat Kalenga's faction suffered in the High Court in Windhoek, where it recently attempted to stop the installation of FillemonShuumbwaNangolo as the successor of the late Omukwaniilwa Immanuel KaulumaElifas of the OTA.

Elifas died in March this year. Kalenga and his faction recently approached the High Court in Windhoek for an urgent application to block Nangolo's installation, but their application was removed from the court roll on the grounds it did not meet the requirements to be heard urgently.

Thousands of Ondonga community members on 29 June gathered at Nangolo's palace in Onambango village near Ondangwa to witness his installation, also attended by Vice-president NangoloMbumba and Minister of Urban and Rural Development, PeyaMushelenga.

A member of Kalenga's faction, NepandoAmupanda, who has been in charge of the OTA office since July 2017 is said to have surrendered the key to a senior officer from Irimari's office.

Approached for comment on Tuesday, Amupanda could not confirm or deny that he has surrendered the OTA office keys to Irimari.

Can't you properly ask those who have told you that? Amupanda demanded to know, before hang-up.

The handover of the key took place at the OTA office in Oluno suburb of the Ondangwa Town. Irimari will in turn hand the keys over to the Ondonga leadership under Nangolo as the supreme leader.

Source: Namibia Press Agency