Kamanjab youth feel neglected

Youths of the north-western town of Kamanjab feel they have been left behind by the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service and the Kunene Youth Forum (KYF).

We don't know anything about the initiatives or activities of the ministry of youth. We don't hear about youths. No meetings, and to tell you in short, we are left in the dark, Edison Kandume told New Era last week.

Johannes Swartbooi said the youth in Kamanjab would like to be included in programmes tailored for the youth.

We will like to be part of programmes for youths as currently there are no benefits for us here.

Swartbooi does odd jobs to eke out a living at the north-western town where poverty is rife.

Another youth, Seun Kamuhake, said there is nothing happening in Kamanjab and he is now compelled to travel back and forth to Outjo in the hope of securing a regular job.

There is nothing here, so I am frequently going to Outjo. No opportunities for us youth in Kamanjab, a visibly disappointed Kamuhake said, with a bag on his back as he had just arrived from Outjo.

Nikodemus Amutenya, the chairperson of Kamanjab Constituency Youth Forum (KCFY), said the youth ministry is trying its level best to serve the Namibian youths to the best of its capabilities.

Amutenya advised the disgruntled youth that the youth credit scheme is available for young entrepreneurs who are encouraged to always look out for opportunities and apply when they are advertised.

KCYF meets on a weekly basis every Wednesday at 17h30, according to Amutenya.

Kamanjab is a small village with little opportunities and many challenges of unemployment as most of the youth have only Grade 10 and go for less paid jobs or short term contractual jobs, he said.

Youths were advised to always have their CVs and documentation ready as local shops, fuel stations, Oase Guesthouse and Oppi Koppi restcamp at times have vacancies and they can avail themselves to serve there.

Kamanjab Constituency Councillor Engenesia Tjaritje-Esingue said she had convened a youth meeting at her office that discussed stagnation of the youth.

We spoke about stagnation of youths. Leaders who are supposed to direct and link are not there. Just because you earn something, you don't care about others, Tjaritje-Esingue said.

Tjaritje-Esingue said there was neither information nor clarity from the youth ministry on its activities.

Tjaritje-Esingue said Kamanjab youth are not visited by a youth officer and New Era was informed that she is in discussions with RCC to have their building be used as a centre for the youth.

We cannot decide for them. They have to decide, Tjaritje-Esingue answered when asked what the unused building of RCC will be used for by local youths.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia