Kandjoze wants Chinese companies to capacitate Namibians

Minister of National Planning Commission, ObethKandjoze wants the Chinese with work projects in Namibia to ensure that they have transferred skills and knowledge to the Namibians working with them.

Kandjoze made this remark here on Monday, at the China Namibia think tanks media dialogue.

He said in September last year, China and Namibia signed a memorandum of understanding on Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to promote exchange of goods, technology, capital and personnel through mutual connectivity and mutual learning with countries that share such willingness to jointly build the Belt and Road in promoting the development and common progress in the economy.

We also as country would like to see that capacity transfer is transferred, he said.

He said there are Namibians with good skills and would like their skills to be also utilised to enhance the experience.

Certainly there are great Namibian drivers; graders can be driven and operated by Namibians. Those low earned jobs, I am sure we can entrench them through further availing the capacity building, to enable and empower Namibians to operate such, he said.

Kandjoze said that there is a great number of Namibians who are unemployed therefore urged the Chinese to minimise the areas of work where only Chinese are allowed to work and replace that with Namibians.

He said Namibians are just as good enough as the Chinese are good enough for the Namibians.

Kandjoze said the country would like to see the grand projects around the country capacitate Nambians to enable them to enjoy the employability more than they are currently experiencing.

Source: Namibia Press Agency