Kaokotavi-Opuwo accident victims identified

The Kunene Police have identified the names of two people who lost their lives in vehicle accident over the weekend at Opuwo on the Kaokotavi and Opuwo road.

The victims were identified as a 39 years old male, Uakapimba Ngumbi and a female minor, Tjikotomba Tjingee, 12.

The Chief Inspector and Regional traffic Coordinator in the Kunene region, Moses Horaseb confirmed to Nampa and said the other six survivors are receiving medical care at Opuwo state hospital. One of the passengers, an 11 year old boy escaped the incident intact. There were nine passengers in the vehicle and not 10 as reported before, he said.

According to Horaseb, 46-year-old Kavepurua Koruhama of Opuwo was driving a Toyota pick-up. The Chief Inspector said Koruhama was in the process of overtaking but lose control of the vehicle and overturned.

Horaseb said Koruhama was apparently driving at a higher speed and the vehicle was overloaded with luggage's, including an unidentified number of goats.

Koruhama has been charged with culpable homicide and driving without a driving licence. A case number CR10\01\2020 of culpable homicide has been opened at Opuwo police station yesterday.

Horaseb urged the public to vigilant and keep to the 100 per hour speed limits on gravel roads.

He added that in spite of this, more people are still taking the risk and performing such aggressive manoeuvres. We always plead with all drivers to avoid overtaking, especially on gravel roads and while overloaded unless absolutely indispensable and safe.

Source: Namibia Press Agency