Kapofi slams ‘daylight robbery’ of San people

Minister of Presidential Affairs, Frans Kapofi has issued a stern warning to farmers and other members of the public who buy livestock from San communities, to desist from such practice.

Kapofi said farmers take advantage of the vulnerability of the San by offering them below market prices for their livestock – a practice the fuming minister described as “daylight robbery”.

The minister, who did not mince his words on the consequences of such acts, made the remarks during a handing over ceremony of cattle to the San community here on Thursday.

The cattle were donated as part of the Namibia-German Special Initiative Program’s assistance to vulnerable and formerly marginalized Namibians.

The Presidential Affairs minister, who delivered the keynote address on the day, said those found guilty of such acts could be prosecuted in accordance with applicable laws.

“We must stop this practice of pouncing on the weaker members of our society. If you buy this livestock from San people at the ridiculous prices you people pay, you are as guilty as the person selling them to you. We will find you and you will face the full wrath of the law.

“We are trying as a Government to improve the lives of all Namibians, and would as such not tolerate people who are busy disturbing such progress,” he said.

Kapofi was at pains to note that farmers would often offer to trade goats and sheep for alcohol, while offering ridiculously low prices for cattle to the San people.

He also used the opportunity to call on San communities across the country to refrain from disposing of livestock allocated to them.

“The beneficiaries should refrain from selling off the livestock without due processes having being followed. I urge the members of the community and the veterinary department to keep a close eye on the livestock,” he said.

A total of 175 cattle was handed over to 52 members of the San community from the !Xoo Traditional Authority.

The cattle were initially handed over to the traditional authority during 2013, but had to be accommodated on a commercial farm and were not allocated to individual members due to drought at the time.